The Rhythm Safari

Bondi Pavillion played host last week to the musical production Rhythm Safari. Combining music, narrative and audience participation, the night was destined to provide a musical journey around the globe.

Upon arrival, the audience were buzzing with excitement at the realisation that on each seat was a beautiful African drum and a ‘groove tube’ (a tube that when hit, plays out a single note), ready for each individual to test out their own abilities.

Based around the narrative of an African boy named Sibo who gained the courage to go out and explore the world, the production showcases seven musicians who pound out the rhythmic sounds from places such as Africa, Spain, Asia, the Caribbean and Brazil.

With an emphasis on percussive instruments we saw use of the djembe, maracas, tambourine, while providing the melody to the complex percussive themes were the sitar, saxophone and bass guitar. Powerful vocals were achieved by two lead vocalists, who also danced around the stage with the rhythms thrown around.

The stand out performer was Mohammed Chariff who played Sibo. His ability to play complex rhythms and ecstatic beats on the Djembe left everyone dumbfounded, playing with such speed that his hands were blurred. His extended solo, followed by an encore performance saw a brilliant finale.

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